Make Plans for the 2017 NIADA Convention!

When Christopher Columbus set out on his voyage in 1492, he didn’t have a map.

And while Columbus’ journey landed him in the history books, the fact is he never did reach his intended destination.

So what can we learn from this?

To get where you’re going, it’s vital to know where you’re headed and what lies between you and that goal. And it helps immensely to have a map to guide you.

Which brings us to our theme for 2017 NIADA Convention & Expo:
Chart Your Course.
Independent used vehicle dealers need maps (metaphorically speaking) to guide them through the obstacles in order to arrive at their ultimate destination – success.

Our job at NIADA is to provide the maps and knowledge – through our educational content in the unmatched training of the NIADA Convention.

So let’s get started and set sail toward your goals!