Lead Lures to Reel in Buyers at Every Stage of Their Journey, Part 2

A while back we explored the first steps along a buyer’s journey and how you and your dealership can be a part of that journey using appropriate lead lures. You can read that post here. Remember, the focus is on attracting a steady stream of quality leads as you nurture them along the path to purchase. By creating valuable content you attract quality leads.

Recap of steps 1-3 in the buyer’s journey:

  • I need a car!
  • I’m ready to research a vehicle.
  • Where am I going to buy this vehicle?

Let’s dive into the next two steps and what content lead lures will help you reel the prospect into your dealership.

  • Are you going to earn my business? At this stage of the game, the prospect is ready for deliberative engagement with the dealer. That doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been engagement all along (read that previous post), but it does mean that this is your opportunity to either earn the business or blow the whole thing. Critical questions at this juncture include: can I get financing and what will that look like? Is it a pain? Did the dealership respond to me at any stage previously the way I wanted? Courteously? Timely? On my preferred social channel? How does a trade-in work? Will I be pressured? Lead lures at this stage of the journey should focus on the fundamentals:
    • Forms: All forms should be mobile responsive, easily obtainable, and brainlessly easy to fill out. They should also be available on every social channel where you are active.
    • Happy people: Post photos of happy folks with their new vehicles. Double down on the trust and credibility factor.
    • Facebook & Instagram: Lead lures here include slideshows and videos of the purchase process, finance process or both. Easing buyer fears and concerns makes for a quicker sale.
    • YouTube and Vimeo: Consider videos outlining the pick up process and what’s expected. Send a personal video to the buyers asking them to come on in and make that purchase.
  • I’m ready to purchase. Even at this stage, lead lures are important. The buyer could change her mind at any time. At this point, the buyer wants to be treated personally and with respect, wants to feel validated in her choice and ensure that the sales person is still listening to her challenges and needs. Reinforce that she is making the right decision using these lead lures:
    • Personal texts or mails reinforcing the right decision and WHY it’s the right decision
    • Offer a selfie station at the dealership or offer to take a pic of the buyer in the new car

In the next post, we’ll consider the final stage of the journey and it’s not purchase, but ownership. Selling more cars has a lot to do with how you use lead lures with previous buyers. We’ll talk about that next time. Until then, happy selling!