Lead Lures to Reel in Buyers at Every Stage of Their Journey, Part 1

by Lee Brogden Culberson
Certified Inbound Marketer
Professional Mojo.com

If you joined us at this year’s amazingly successful convention and expo, then you heard me talk about tried and true ways to boost your leads throughout the buyer’s journey. As a group, we looked at the high-level decision-making process and how a dealer can influence each step of the process by using lead lures that tell a story and will reel in a buyer. It was a great discussion and dialog!

Overview of the talk: The First Three Steps

Dealers often struggle with marketing because it seems so, well, distributed these days. And it is. If you have tried to track your current buyer’s journey from the moment she decides to buy a car to the end of the process, you’d be amazed at the amount of information consumed, the number of devices used to consume it and the myriad of sites used to source the information. Frankly, it can seem a bit overwhelming. Let’s take a high level look at the process and some example lead lures you can craft for each stage to help reel in the buyer. The key is to focus on developing a steady stream of leads as you work with them and nurture them along their specific journey or path.

  • I need a car: An event usually occurs to make a buyer need or want a car. Triggers include a car breaking down, wrecks, raises, kid going to college, expanding family, There is really no way to know when this might happen, so the dealership’s job is to continually share quality, relevant content that can act as a lead lure. Examples of content that could be shared that will influence this early stage include:
    • Articles about the triggers: How do I know it’s time for a new car? What are the best cars for an expanding family? Stepping up to a new vehicle.
    • Testimonials that include the triggers: Do you have testimonials from someone who received a promotion and rewarded himself with a new car? Do you have a testimonial from a family whose kid is going off to college and they found the perfect car (safe, great MPG, low miles)?
  • I’m ready to research a vehicle: At this point, the trigger has spurred on the buyer to complete some vehicle research. They have decided to Google about potential models or makes or vehicles, search social sites, go to third party value sites to investigate value/cost and maybe search inventory nearby. Example content lead lures at this stage could include:
    • Inventory: An excellent online showroom well integrated into your social media is critical at a number of stages, including this one.
    • Blogs: Write a couple of blogs highlighting the pros of specific makes and models.
    • Videos: Short, easy to make videos on your social sites and website from your service manager or others should highlight safety, use, MPG, and other often searched terms. A good lead lure video could be “Our top 5 cars with the highest safety ratings under $10,000.”
  • Where am I going to buy my car: Once the buyer has an idea of the make/model of the car, she looks around at inventory and may see that you have a similar vehicle. She may find that type of vehicle at multiple lots or via an online service. Regardless, investigation into your dealership truly starts in earnest. Example content lead lures at this stage could include:
    • Reviews: You must ask for great reviews and distribute them. Reviews are so very important to every generation now, but especially to millennials. If you have poor reviews, you need a strategic review strategy.
    • Facebook: Illustrate the process you use to ensure every car is in good shape and you are trustworthy! Facebook is a great place to use video, live video, slideshows and more to help the buyer trust you and trust your vehicles.

In the next couple of posts, we’ll explore the additional steps along the buyer’s journey and how you can set effective lead lures to reel them in!



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