3 Tips to Improve Your Sales Emails

by Lee Brogden Culberson

Contrary to some popular belief, email is not dead. It’s far from dead, in fact. Today’s independent dealer, perhaps more than any other time, must craft marketing strategies well-suited to and targeted to a variety of generations in the marketplace. And while millennials are getting all the attention, there are other generational groups who want to buy your cars and have the cash to do it: Gen Xers and younger Boomers. And, they still are attached to their email.

We find that independent dealers are either queuing up automated drip email campaigns in a CRM or are using another tool, like Constant Contact, to send out emails. Whichever you choose, your email strategy should be tight, targeted and timely. No matter where you are on the email know-how scale, we’ve got 4 tips to improve those emails right away.

  1. Focus on your recipient, not yourself: Look, people care about themselves and their needs, not about your inventory, products or services. Eliminate any assumption statements like “I know what you must be thinking…” or “We know that this is a busy time for you but…” No. No you really don’t know what I’m thinking or feeling or need. You may be assuming to know your buyer’s needs or pain points, but might be missing them by a mile, which is much worse. A better approach is something like “This new article about the safety of car XYZ really resonated with us and reminded us of your inquiry last month. Thought you might find it interesting.” Focus on them and deliver value to your customer!
  2. Keep it simple, silly: Often we find dealer emails are loaded with crazy graphics, multiple links and a myriad of calls to action. What is it you really want the prospect or customer to do? Take a survey? Watch a promotional video? Schedule an appointment? Be intentional with every sentence, every link and every graphic.
  3. Create one-to-one emails: Relationships have always been the bread and butter of a great car sales associate. There is so much noise in the marketplace and in the digital space that when I receive a well-written, seemingly personal email it makes all the difference. Template-driven emails that sound robotic are the norm. Don’t be the norm and make your reader feel special.
    • Craft it as if you were writing a note
    • Use the personalization feature of your email program
    • Try to segment your data to ensure you are delivering the message that matters most to the reader
    • Add a video of YOU sharing something or giving a tip

We’ve had great results with well thought out, data-driven, strategic emails. You can, too, by creating an email plan that puts your buyers at the forefront of your planning process. Email is very much an important tactic in your marketing strategy!

About the author:

brogdenculbersonLee Brogden Culberson is a certified inbound marketer and partner with Professional Mojo, which serves several state Independent Automotive Dealer Associations across the nation. Professional Mojo is a full service marketing agency specializing in putting dealerships and associations ahead of the pack with social media, print, digital marketing, email campaigns and more. Contact her at lee@professionalmojo.com or call at 678-561-6656.