3 Things Dealers Can Learn from Super Bowl Commercials

Puppymonkeybabies, horses, weinerdogs and car dealers. Here’s what you have in common.

Anything could happen on any given Sunday, but one thing is always true about the Super Bowl: the commercials will surely please. Heck, we know plenty of folks who only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. They kibitz during the actual play and pay close attention during the commercials because they are pretty certain that there will be some sort of payoff, whether in the form of an awwww or oooooo or ack (anyone remember that puppymonkeybaby commercial from 2016?!)!

As dealers, we consistently look for innovative ways to reach our customers where they are and when they are ready for a new vehicle. With so much noise in the industry, it is often a challenge to tell our dealership’s story in the most compelling way. Fortunately, on Super Bowl Sunday while you kick back with wings and a cold one, you have something else to look forward to – learning from the commercials.

  1. Anticipation works. Brands advertising during the Super Bowl usually start teasing their commercials well in advance. This year, the Cam Newton/Buick commercial started getting buzz months ago. Buick shared some behind the scenes footage and made funny jokes on social. If you have some great vehicles coming to your lot, why not create anticipation around them? Tell your communities they are on the way: Been looking for the perfect family vehicle? You will NOT BELIEVE what we scored just for our local car buyers.
  2. The familiar reigns. Many brands have successfully used the man watching the Super Bowl while the woman does something else routine for commercials. This scenario, with exceptions to be sure, is one that most can identify with. Sometimes your audience needs you to connect the dots for them and help them understand how your dealership and your vehicles will relate to them and their lives. Placing vehicles in familiar situations helps you tell the vehicle’s story and, more importantly, helps potential buyers connect with the vehicle.
  3. Entertainment/Emotions rule. One of the hallmarks of most Super Bowl commercials is that they are entertaining or evoke strong emotions. One of my favorite sayings is entertain or show before you tell or sell. I can’t remember where I heard that (I didn’t come up with it), but it rings true. Your buyers crave engagement with your sales staff, your dealership and even with your inventory via chat, video, social and more. That is the entertain or show before the telling or the selling. How engaged are you with your prospective buyers? Use testimonials to show how your buyers feel in their new vehicle, whether like a kid again in that convertible or giddy with anticipation in the minivan since they have a new baby on the way.

There is a lot to love about the spectacle of professional football’s biggest day, but don’t let the lessons of the Super Bowl commercials pass you by! Your dealership can benefit from what those brands have spent millions and millions of dollars to learn. Look at the commercials critically and figure out how YOU can use those tools to your benefit.



Lee Brogden Culberson
Professional Mojo Marketing