MSIADA is the perfect fit for your dealership.

MSIADA is the only automobile trade association representing the independent automobile dealer. The association is organized so that control of it’s policies and activities are in the hands of the active dealer members and it has an established record of accomplishment and fair dealings; its representatives are welcomed and respected by officials of every regulatory agency. The associations are ready and able to render service anytime you require it. The service is often provided before you realize you need it.

MSIADA will effectively combat state legislation unfavorable to your business and MSIADA members have the opportunity to meet with the most progressive and successful used car dealers in Mississippi; dealers who have the industry at heart from whom you can gain profitable ideas.

MSIADA is an organization dedicated to serving you! Strength is in the devotion of its individual member’s whether small or large.

 —Dianne Perry,
Executive Director